Free trial of online training

During this time many of us have considered gaining new skills and/or enhancing existing skills. I recently launched online training and would like to invite you to sample the course of your choice for free. Take a look and please pass on to your contacts.

The training is concise, relevant and CPD accredited.

A new direction

The coronavirus has made many of us rethink our businesses. Most of my work, whether consultancy or training, is done face to face. Not possible for some time and as I live in Cardiff we only had the five mile rule lifted yesterday. Sooooo, I made the decision to offer online training and this is the result:-

CPD accredited, concise and thorough. I say concise because so much online training includes a lot of waffle. No waffle here (who’s got the time or inclination?}

I’ve been very active on LinkedIn to promote the courses and in the process came across some interesting stuff. Let me introduce to you Sarah Townsend the author of Survival Skills for Freelancers, available from Amazon 

Perfect client

connectionsI work with businesses to improve their sales function and one of my first questions is “Who would be your perfect client?”.

The answer is often that “everyone” would want their product.    It may be true that everyone buys a version of their product, for example food, it cannot be true that everyone would want the specific product they offer.   If you are a butcher your client base is not going to include vegans!

I encourage businesses to think hard about their perfect client; who is their latest client?  Who is their most profitable client?   Why do they buy from you rather than another supplier?

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A spirit of adventure and discovery

I help people discover their inner sales person, my personal belief being that we are all in sales.
I’m often surprised though many people are not as interested in continuous development as me. When do you decide that you know ‘enough’ and don’t need to know any more?
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Sales Without Selling your Soul Masterclass

In collaboration with I am running a six month sales masterclass programme. It’s a monthly meeting and coaching support, please get in touch with me for more details