The power of language

My very good friend Kevin McCabe of Cardiff Martial Arts tested out a little language experiment recently.
He asked around 100 of his students to supply information, adding the word “don’t forget”. He got around 30-40 texts/calls/emails asking him to remind them of the details.
A few months later, to a similar size group, he asked for information, but this time added the words “please remember”.
The result; 10-20 texts/calls/emails asking for a reminder! Less than half of his original sample.
The brain is very helpful and deletes the negative. By saying “don’t forget” you are unconsciously programming the brain to do just what you don’t want it to do – forget.
So…………..mind your language!

Kevin’s website is and he is currently Taekwon-do European Champion & Silver medallist at the  World Championships.home_tae_k_do[1]

A New Colour

I’m often asked how I thought up the name A New Colour for my business. The answer is that I’ve always wondered what it would be like to invent a new colour. I’ve been watching the BBC programme “Pets – Wild at Heart” and it’s been interesting to learn just how sophisticated an animal’s sense of smell, vision and hearing are. Their sensory acuity is far superior to ours and they see colours that we don’t. There is more out there than we know.

The mind and the body are connected

I read today that 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) in a body is produced in the bowel. (Apologies if you are eating while reading this). Surely this is proof that we are what we eat and our state of mind is governed by the way we treat our bodies. It’s the other way round too; some of us can’t eat when upset and others eat too much when unhappy. I know I overeat when I am tired, as if to give my body some instant energy.

Body language is a mood indicator too; we feel better and more in control when we sit up straight rather than with bowed heads.

It’s interesting stuff.

What does success mean to you?

Neil Lloyd and I attended an exhibition organised by Venture Wales earlier this week. We thought we would ask visitors to our stand a simple question, ‘What does success mean to you?’
We got some great answers, my favourite being “a hand made suit” Love it!
Other answers were about personal wellbeing “content, happy family, comfortable, a good night’s sleep”.
The work orientated thought about achieving results, financial freedom, working fewer hours and reputation.
The more visual drew some great(ish) pictures of a rainbow, a smiley face and a firework.
The purpose of the event for us was to market Kickstart 2013, a course that we’ll be running on January 19 in Cardiff City Stadium. It fits in nicely that the Kickstart course is going to overlook a football pitch – synchronicity at work!

What to expect at the NLP Coaching Course

Neil Lloyd and I have been running the NLP Coaching Course since early summer (if you can call it a summer, this year) and we’ve been really pleased with the response and feedback.

Potential delegates have been asking about what they will learn during the course and what they can do with the techniques.

The two day course covers rapport, personality styles, values, language patterns and goal setting amongst other things.    Neil and I love the challenge of thinking on our feet, so there are lots of added extras as questions come up during the two days.

I’m very keen on floor work, which means walking through situations and possible outcomes;  I know when I explain this to delegates they are doubtful, until they try it out for themselves!   We do most of this work on the second day as you can almost see brains going into overdrive as they process new thought patterns.

Why is it worthwhile doing the course?     It’s great for coaching professionals to get new prespectives, though I would recommend it to anyone who is at a crossroads and wondering what to do next with their lives.     The personality style exercises give a huge understanding of what makes you happy and what seems like hard work.

As the two days dive deep into the subconscious, it’s fabulous to see the group bonding through shared experience.    We also have a great laugh!

This blog post is just a flavour of what the two days will give you, please get in touch with me to talk it through further.

Interesting blog on eye accessing cues

I found this blog really interesting:-
When I train about eye accessing clues one of the things I emphasise is to look for behavioural clusters and that everyone is different.   I’m also interested in why the research wanted to ‘disprove’ NLP; NLP is a collection of ideas and theories on why people act and react in the way they do.  Proving or disproving one facet doesn’t seem to achieve anything in particular.  Or so I think, anyway.

And more……

Cardiff NLP Group

I recently became Co-Chair of the Cardiff NLP Group.    The group meets monthly in Insole Court in Llandaff in Cardiff; we have speakers on a variety of subjects likely to be of interest to anyone that wants to learn more about NLP.

Anyone is welcome to attend and the easiest way to receive updates on news and events is by joining the Facebook group on the following link:-!/group.php?gid=55980558105

The aim of the group is to meet up with others that have an interest in NLP for practice and some socialising.      Please feel free to email me if you would like more details