Being accountable

I’m working with and her company Stop Gap Working at the moment. One of the things she is finding most helpful is that she is reporting developments to me on a weekly basis.

Jayne is an experienced business professional who has run a number of successful companies. Stop Gap Working offers people like herself, “been there, done that”, to work with businesses on an ad hoc basis. Brilliant to get that project done when there are no in-house resources available.

It’s useful to from a motivational point of view to have a deadline to focus the mind, which means you have to act.

Motivation is all about the carrot or the stick; it’s contextual and finding out what works for you (at the time) is important.

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Redundant, thinking of a new career or setting up a business?

Yesterday I spoke to a group of young(ish) people attending a week long course as a first step to setting up their own businesses.    I’m frequently asked to speak about setting up a business, particularly in terms of sales and marketing of new ideas; I invariably find that I get as much from the audience as (hopefully) they do from me.

A number of things struck me about the group yesterday;  they were all setting up businesses in areas that were inspirational to them, they had looked at their skills, worked out what they could do and what they couldn’t do, were very realistic with themselves and proactive in continuing to develop as an entrepreneur.

Each  agreed that whilst they had a business idea, it was likely that their businesses would grow in ways they hadn’t expected and that they would have to continuously monitor new trends and changes that could affect their future profitability.

These attitudes serve most of us well in this day and age.  We are all faced with rapid changes and lack of security; whether it be redundancy, reduced hours, pay freezes or cuts, company takeovers, vanishing budgets, new technology…. the list goes on.

The group yesterday was aware of all of this, but if anything it made the opportunities of the future more exciting and interesting.   They were challenged and motivated at the prospect of thinking on their feet;  the concept of constant change and new ideas made them even more enthusiastic.     Needless to say, I left feeling energised and buzzing………………..

Deborah Burdett

A New Colour