Being accountable

I’m working with and her company Stop Gap Working at the moment. One of the things she is finding most helpful is that she is reporting developments to me on a weekly basis.

Jayne is an experienced business professional who has run a number of successful companies. Stop Gap Working offers people like herself, “been there, done that”, to work with businesses on an ad hoc basis. Brilliant to get that project done when there are no in-house resources available.

It’s useful to from a motivational point of view to have a deadline to focus the mind, which means you have to act.

Motivation is all about the carrot or the stick; it’s contextual and finding out what works for you (at the time) is important.

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Why use a business coach?

It’s generally considered true that two heads are better than one and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Sorry about the cliches!
A good coach helps you think outside of the box and will make sure you keep your goals in mind. Having the viewpoint of an outsider is hugely beneficial as we often get bogged down in the minutiae of day to day matters and forget the bigger picture.
As for being too busy to have time for a coach, can you really afford not to make time? Most business coaches will coach by telephone if you can’t spare the time to see them, so it is not too intrusive on your day.

I’d be really interested to hear of experiences both good and bad!

Deborah Burdett