Perfect client

connectionsI work with businesses to improve their sales function and one of my first questions is “Who would be your perfect client?”.

The answer is often that “everyone” would want their product.    It may be true that everyone buys a version of their product, for example food, it cannot be true that everyone would want the specific product they offer.   If you are a butcher your client base is not going to include vegans!

I encourage businesses to think hard about their perfect client; who is their latest client?  Who is their most profitable client?   Why do they buy from you rather than another supplier?

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Entrepreneur’s Institute in Bali

I’ve just got back from an amazing trip to Bali, where I completed the two week Roger Hamilton Wealth Dynamics programme.   I learned so much at points my head felt it was going to explode, but at the same time I was able to hone down my training business to its best offerings.

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Does September feel like a new start?

It does to me, perhaps because it’s the start of the school year and it feels like a fresh beginning.

Over the last week I’ve had lots of enquiries about training, which is a real indication of the economy being on the ‘up’.   When budgets are being cut training is often the first thing to go, although surely it is the thing you need most when times are hard?  Especially as I offer sales training and communication skills; essential I would have thought.

If you haven’t got sales, you haven’t got a business.

A great product with a great salesperson

A friend and I had a wander around Covent Garden last week and homed in on the Penhaligon’s shop.

The shop represents everything that British goods (would like to) stand for. Quality, history and that indefinable essence of Britishness. The sense that we are buying the best.

They also had a very good salesman………..something I find hard to resist! The result; one happy customer that went away with the perfume of her choice (Ellenenisia), plus a load of samples. The salesman could see I wanted to buy, was not pushy but at the same time his priority was to make a deal that worked for us both. He was keen to find something that I loved over and above his desire to make a sale.

To me that is what sales is about – finding the product or service that makes your customer happy. Within reason, cost doesn’t enter into the equation when you feel you are getting something of value.

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We all have our own model of the world

I view it as a sign of intelligence when I meet anyone that is clearly aware that each of us has their own map of the world / agenda / opinions. One of the reasons that I enjoy and am interested in sales is that it means moving yourself into another person’s mindset. I find it interesting and thought provoking to find out what makes people tick. To me, sales is about making people happy and satisfied that they have chosen well.

The person with the most flexibility has the most influence

Interesting title to this blog post; is it true? From the point of view in gaining rapport with others, flexibility is important. Rapport is meeting people in their own world, or at least their own view of the world. Difficult to do if you are not flexible and have a dogmatic outlook on how things should be. Your thoughts and opinions on this subject would be appreciated!

What makes a good sales person?

A good sales person wants the person(s) buying to be happy with their purchase.  This applies if you are selling goods or services for pennies or for millions of pounds.    The deal is collaborative, with the seller listening to the buyer, anticipating their needs and responding appropriately and with empathy.

A great example of a brilliant salesperson; last week my business associate and I were in Mallorca on a business trip.     (Yes, I’ll admit it, the business bit took half a day and we spent the rest of the time enjoying gorgeous food and wine and loving the scenery).   At one point, we wandered into a very posh deli and started looking at the array of fantastically flavoured vinegars.   The owner was immediately with us, offering samples of date vinegar, cranberry vinegar and an amazing lemon and lavender vinegar.   Delish!   We left with a bottle each, very happy with our shopping and impressed with the sales skill of the  lady that owned the place.    The fact that we were both minus 9 Euros was fine with both of us.

Good sales skill means making your customer pleased that they bought with you and that they will choose to buy with you in the future.

What is the point of business networking?

I’ve attended thousands (slight exaggeration) of business networking events over the years, some good and some not so good.
I’m involved in Zokit. these days and am really enjoying the variety of the meetings.
Yesterday evening we had a Business Wisdom session with a social media expert, Miranda Bishop, explaining how to get the most out of LinkedIn.
As an expert in social (without the media) my role within Zokit. is to seek out opportunities of activities for the members. So far we have various possibilities lined up including cupcake decorating, laser tag and wood carving. Any suggestions or ideas would be gratefully received.

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What does success mean to you?

Neil Lloyd and I attended an exhibition organised by Venture Wales earlier this week. We thought we would ask visitors to our stand a simple question, ‘What does success mean to you?’
We got some great answers, my favourite being “a hand made suit” Love it!
Other answers were about personal wellbeing “content, happy family, comfortable, a good night’s sleep”.
The work orientated thought about achieving results, financial freedom, working fewer hours and reputation.
The more visual drew some great(ish) pictures of a rainbow, a smiley face and a firework.
The purpose of the event for us was to market Kickstart 2013, a course that we’ll be running on January 19 in Cardiff City Stadium. It fits in nicely that the Kickstart course is going to overlook a football pitch – synchronicity at work!