Old school analogue skills


There’s been a lot on LinkedIn lately about the power of contacting others in person as opposed to digitally.

I attended the Welsh Business Show yesterday and met a few people that I’d previously only been in contact with digitally.  Without out doubt the digital contact added the recognition factor, but there is nothing to beat meeting someone face to face, with second place going to via the telephone.

To talk to me about improving your phone skills ring 07976 359069 (or you could email Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk if phoning is too big an ask!)     The picture is a postcard by the way – ask your parents what it was used for…………………


Upping your game

Would you like to go up a level with your sales skills? A straightforward way of doing this is to ‘up’ the level of your target customer. Is this challenging? Yes, maybe. The upside is that your performance is likely to go up too, enhancing your skills and keeping you on your toes. A good thing, surely?

Contact me on Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk 07976 359069 to find out more.

Using humour


I listened to a webinar last night given by Matthew Kimberley.

The subject was ‘How to write delightful emails’.    This could be useful, I thought.

The main point of the webinar was to write an email (or blog) that makes people want to read it.  In other words, it’s not boring.  It makes you stand out from the crowd.

At this point I should tell a joke or something, but it’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I can’t think of one.

For sales training that is anything but boring (in fact it’s a great laugh) contact me on Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk

Sales Without Selling your Soul Masterclass

In collaboration with http://www.zokit.co.uk I am running a six month sales masterclass programme. It’s a monthly meeting and coaching support, please get in touch with me for more details Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk

Communication skills

Communication is perceived to be a two way street, but is often a battlefield. How often do you feel you are not being heard? Ever tried saying it louder and repeatedly, with no effect? It’s a bit like the stereotype of the English speaker talking to someone with no knowledge of the English language; “if I enunciate clearly and slowly, surely they will understand?”

Sometimes it’s because we hear what we want to hear, sometimes we just zone out and sometimes we haven’t got a clue what the other person is talking about.

There is a theory that the student doesn’t fail the course, it’s the teacher that fails. If someone doesn’t understand what you are hoping to impart, whose fault is it?

Some dates for the diary

I’ve got two big things going on in May; firstly I’ll be helping to run a presentation skills workshop in conjunction with Neil Lloyd of http://www.zokit.co.uk on 22 May in Cardiff City Stadium.

Then on 30 May, again in the Stadium, it’s The Welsh Business Show and there will be a number of us on my stand promoting the coaching side of the business. Come and say hello!

View the event on http://www.thewelshbusinessshow.co.uk and my stand is A New Colour. Neil will also be there with a stand and he is running the business breakfast, so mega busy day for him!

Your thoughts on courses please!

Neil Lloyd and I are putting together the programme for courses over the coming year.

We’ve had a few requests, particularly for a course on trance work; it seems everyone is keen to get in touch with their unconscious mind!

The other most popular request is for networking and presentation skills.

We’re planning on doing both of these as day courses and would be glad to hear from anyone that would like to attend.    We would also like to hear from anyone that has a request for a course;  first rule of sales – ask them want they want and give it to them!