Leap year

Why does February have an extra day in leap year?    The last thing we want is more February surely?

I am planning to do something special with the extra day, though not yet decided what it will be.    Start to write that book?    Take a day trip to somewhere I’ve never been?    Organise an event?    Whole month to decide……………..decision

Playing to your strengths

Do you remember getting your school report?    Silly question, of course you do.  You knew the lessons you were good at and they were usually the ones you enjoyed.

Most of us got “could do better”, “needs to work harder” or the dreaded “lacks application” for the lessons that didn’t interest us at all and would never fully hold our attention.

I agree that we all need a good foundation in our native language and arithmetic, but I was never going to be great at physics and chemistry no matter how much effort I put in.

Play to your strengths I say, because if you are good at something it’s not a huge step to become brilliant.

Image result for picture strong man"


scratch art

I was in the car yesterday listening to ‘Pause for thought’ on Radio 2.   The presenter was talking about scratch art, which is something most of us did in primary school and, in my case, have completely forgotten about.

The technique is simple; you cover a sheet of paper with brightly coloured crayons, then go over the top of this with a layer of thick black crayon.   You then scratch out your picture from the black, revealing the colour below.

What a brilliant metaphor for life.    Whenever everything seems black, if we scratch around we can find colour below.   Nuff said!

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Bridging the gap

I had a conversation yesterday about the gap between what you want to do and what you are doing.

We discussed the ‘gap’ and how to bridge it.  Or better still, remove it completely.  It was useful to do a drawing, including a bridge and thinking about what that bridge would be.

bridging the gap2


The conclusion we came to was that you need to be brave, get over yourself and just do it.


The financial value of soft skills


I read an article this week about how employers subconsciously value soft skills during the interview process.   With two equally qualified and experienced candidates they will almost always pick the one with charm and confidence; the ability to ‘fit in’.     With that in mind, the so called soft skills have a clear monetary value and should perhaps be classed as hard (cash) skills.

The concept applies to existing employees and those of us who work for ourselves.  Without the confidence and social ability to get along with others, life is harder.

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Dad drawers


There is a law that says everyone has a ‘Dad drawer’ somewhere in their house/office.   Or both.

Contents are pretty similar in every drawer:-


Elastic bands (usually with little or no elasticity left)

Bits of string too short to do anything with

Redundant cassette tapes

Broken things – sunglasses, fridge magnets, watches

Connectors for unknown electrical items

A ten year old mobile phone

Assorted unwanted freebies from the last event/exhibition you visited

My dad drawer is in the kitchen and I think it’s useful to have a clutter point in your home.  A feng shui expert would probably tell me to clear it out………………… but isn’t it good to have a place to store rubbish?

It’s good to have help

I’m loving the sunny weather we are having and am spending as much time as possible in the garden.  I’ve perfected the art of viewing my laptop in sunlight.

I’m lucky to have a useful assistant:-

He’s not much help in truth!   Made me think that we all need help sometimes.   For help in boosting your sales email me Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk or phone 07976 359069


A spirit of adventure and discovery

I help people discover their inner sales person, my personal belief being that we are all in sales.
I’m often surprised though many people are not as interested in continuous development as me. When do you decide that you know ‘enough’ and don’t need to know any more?
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Nine to five

Who invented the concept that we work Monday to Friday, nine to five? Answers on a postcard………..
The rise of contract workers is increasing because we no longer wish to work this way. Businesses increasingly want to source help when they need it, which may be long or short term. Workers who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without having to suffer presenteeism (I’m here, but I’m not doing anything) love this way of working.
Get in touch if you need short term help with your sales process, including training and coaching. Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk

Best day of the year


I’ve just finished reading How to Do Everything and Be Happy. One of the concepts of the book was you think about your happiest day of the year and replicate it once a month. The author liked Boxing Day, while I like my birthday. I am planning on having a birthday once a month (without getting any older, obviously).

The idea is, find what you love and do more of it.

If you want to buy the book, follow the link http://tinyurl.com/h5pgj3u and it’s £6.37 with free postage in the UK.