No, not an advert for an optician.    I’m often asked, how do I find new customers?     I would strongly suggest that you profile your customer, whether they be consumer or business.  My strength is B2B sales (business to business) and when I am working with a new client I ask them to think about their last ten customers, who they are and what did they buy?

The focus bit comes in when you have your answer.   These are the customers that you aim to contact and create a relationship.

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How do I get new clients?


I’m often asked this question when running sales training sessions.

One of the exercises I suggest is to look at business over the past few years, see who are your best customers, and think of how you won the business.    When you work out how it happened, do more of it.

It sounds simplistic, but things often are.

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Being accountable

I’m working with and her company Stop Gap Working at the moment. One of the things she is finding most helpful is that she is reporting developments to me on a weekly basis.

Jayne is an experienced business professional who has run a number of successful companies. Stop Gap Working offers people like herself, “been there, done that”, to work with businesses on an ad hoc basis. Brilliant to get that project done when there are no in-house resources available.

It’s useful to from a motivational point of view to have a deadline to focus the mind, which means you have to act.

Motivation is all about the carrot or the stick; it’s contextual and finding out what works for you (at the time) is important.

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Sales (without selling your soul)

If you have no customers, you have no business.   What makes a good salesperson?    Join us in Cardiff for an afternoon looking at sales and find out about your perfect customer and how to make the sales process a whole lot easier.    

What is the point of business networking?

I’ve attended thousands (slight exaggeration) of business networking events over the years, some good and some not so good.
I’m involved in Zokit. these days and am really enjoying the variety of the meetings.
Yesterday evening we had a Business Wisdom session with a social media expert, Miranda Bishop, explaining how to get the most out of LinkedIn.
As an expert in social (without the media) my role within Zokit. is to seek out opportunities of activities for the members. So far we have various possibilities lined up including cupcake decorating, laser tag and wood carving. Any suggestions or ideas would be gratefully received.

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Your thoughts on courses please!

Neil Lloyd and I are putting together the programme for courses over the coming year.

We’ve had a few requests, particularly for a course on trance work; it seems everyone is keen to get in touch with their unconscious mind!

The other most popular request is for networking and presentation skills.

We’re planning on doing both of these as day courses and would be glad to hear from anyone that would like to attend.    We would also like to hear from anyone that has a request for a course;  first rule of sales – ask them want they want and give it to them!