Best day of the year


I’ve just finished reading How to Do Everything and Be Happy. One of the concepts of the book was you think about your happiest day of the year and replicate it once a month. The author liked Boxing Day, while I like my birthday. I am planning on having a birthday once a month (without getting any older, obviously).

The idea is, find what you love and do more of it.

If you want to buy the book, follow the link and it’s £6.37 with free postage in the UK.


We all need help

A few years ago an acquaintance who had started a new project told me “I know what I am doing so I don’t need help on this one”
It was a large, daunting project and whilst he completed it to a satisfactory level, it lacked brilliance.
Whilst I admire his confidence, I don’t admire his arrogance. He had an idea that could have been a diamond, but remained an unpolished rock.
However old you are, however experienced you are, you can always learn more and, to continue from my last post, another view is always valuable.

Cats tend to avoid asking for help!
Cats tend to avoid asking for help!

From another viewpoint

ADP riots

I visited the ADP riot exhibit earlier this week – part of Banksy’s  Dismaland.

It was a trailer filled with a miniature disaster scene that you viewed through a series of peepholes.  This meant that every view was different.

I’d been talking to my mentor earlier about removing yourself from a situation and how it gives you a different perspective, so it seemed a bit of a coincidence.

The brain

9781783350810[1]         I’m reading The Idiot Brain by Dean Burnett.  It’s a fascinating and amusing read on how the brain works; to quote Dean “it’s messy, fallible and disorganised”.

As a keen student of human nature, I’m loving it, thought it’s hard to believe that a book that is essentially scientific can be such a page turner.  It’s intriguing how the brain is so haphazard and has a tendency to look for the bad rather than the good as a throwback to caveman times when danger (and a dinosaur) lurked around every corner.

Thoroughly recommended!

Introvert versus extrovert

Extroverts are party animals and introverts like being on their own? Yes? Well no, actually.
It’s a question of where you draw your energy. Extroverts draw energy from being with people whereas introverts need lone time to recharge the batteries.
So, you will find an introvert who works alone all week becoming a complete party animal at the weekend, to balance the books, so to speak. Whereas an extrovert who spends much of their time dealing with people may long to spend their Saturday night with a good book.
It’s all a question of balance. cat reading book

Communication skills

Communication is perceived to be a two way street, but is often a battlefield. How often do you feel you are not being heard? Ever tried saying it louder and repeatedly, with no effect? It’s a bit like the stereotype of the English speaker talking to someone with no knowledge of the English language; “if I enunciate clearly and slowly, surely they will understand?”

Sometimes it’s because we hear what we want to hear, sometimes we just zone out and sometimes we haven’t got a clue what the other person is talking about.

There is a theory that the student doesn’t fail the course, it’s the teacher that fails. If someone doesn’t understand what you are hoping to impart, whose fault is it?

A New Colour

I’m often asked how I thought up the name A New Colour for my business. The answer is that I’ve always wondered what it would be like to invent a new colour. I’ve been watching the BBC programme “Pets – Wild at Heart” and it’s been interesting to learn just how sophisticated an animal’s sense of smell, vision and hearing are. Their sensory acuity is far superior to ours and they see colours that we don’t. There is more out there than we know.


I had a major clear out of my office this morning. I’m in need of some fresh ideas and the thought was that if I clear my desk for new things I’ll clear my mind for new things too.
I’m reading ‘Who says you’re not creative’ by my friend Prith Biant and will be doing some of the exercises she recommends to get some INSPIRATION!
Prith’s website is , should you wish to buy her excellent book. The blog that accompanies the book is

NLP Coaching Course in the evening

By popular demand we are running the NLP Coaching Course over four evenings in central Cardiff. Dates are 26 & 27 November and 3 & 4 December.    Early booking price of £99.     Details can be viewed on the following link:-

As an aside, Neil Lloyd was in the press last week talking about NLP and personalities.   Read the full article on the link