I’m not a sales person so why would I want sales training?

In my view everyone is in sales. Ever been manipulated by a very small child? Perhaps a child that can’t speak yet? That’s a (small) sales person in action.

So……….you haven’t got the word ‘sales’ in your job title or job description, so why would you be interested in sales training? Refer to the paragraph above! The ability to persuade others (with integrity) to see your viewpoint is essential in business. Also your job or business only exists because you have customers, whatever your role it is vital that you keep that in mind.

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A spirit of adventure and discovery

I help people discover their inner sales person, my personal belief being that we are all in sales.
I’m often surprised though many people are not as interested in continuous development as me. When do you decide that you know ‘enough’ and don’t need to know any more?
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Why I became interested in personality profiling

Like many people I fell into a sales career by accident. Took a job with the sole purpose of earning some money and discovered something that I loved and that I was good at; the black art of sales.

I don’t subscribe to the concept that sales people are motivated by money. In my experience sales people are motivated by success and money earned is a by product.

I soon learned that successful sales people are good at reading people very quickly and tailoring their approach accordingly. This may seem blindingly obvious, but how often have you been ‘sold’ at by someone who is more interested in getting their point across than finding out what pushes your buttons to buy.

Soooo……..my interest in personality profiling came about because I am intrigued by the question “why does anyone choose to do anything?” The answer is that it feeds something and the more able you are to find out what that may be the more successful a sales person you will be.

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Sales Masterclass

I’m running the ever popular sales masterclass in Cardiff starting in April. The masterclass runs over six months and takes up 3 hours of your time, plus an optional half hour call/skype with me. My belief is that everyone is in sales, no matter what your job title may be.
My question is, what would you like included in the masterclass? The course outline is written, but not in stone, and I would be grateful for input.
I’m particularly speaking to the scaredy cats; the ones who think sales is the hard bit! (I think it’s the fun bit)


Picture of a very scared cat.

What motivates you?

The three major motivators have been identified by psychologist David McClelland as affiliation, achievement and influence.

We all need all three of these concepts to be validated, but each of us has a hierarchy of what is most important to us.

Affiliators value people; they put others at the centre of their universe and consider personal contact to be the most important thing in their lives.

Achievers value results; they get things done.   They are the people that climb Everest ‘because it’s there’.

Influencers value power; they want to know exactly what is going on and what effect they can manage, maybe by a little wheeling and dealing!


Sales Without Selling your Soul Masterclass

In collaboration with http://www.zokit.co.uk I am running a six month sales masterclass programme. It’s a monthly meeting and coaching support, please get in touch with me for more details Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk

Generating Leads for Business

I’m running a lead generation course on 19 June in Cardiff City Stadium with http://www.zokit.co.uk      To me, sales are the life blood of a business and generating the ‘right’ leads is vital.   It’s all about working out who is your target market and how to make contact with them in a way that makes them want to do business with you.      My mantra,’if you have no customers you have no business’ is ALWAYS true.

If you would like to come along follow the link http://zokit.co.uk/product/generating-leads-course-thur-19th-june-cardiff-5-30pm/ and we would be delighted to see you.

Sales and Lead Generation

I meet so many business people who feel completely confident once they are meeting a potential client face to face, but find it challenging to get those all important meeting.

The solution is “pick up the phone”! For those of you that find this a little scary, together with Neil Lloyd of Zokit, I am running two courses over the next few months that may help you feel a little braver.

The first is ‘Sales Without Selling Your Soul’ on 8 May and the follow up is ‘Lead Generation’ on 19 June. Both courses are local to Cardiff, Newport and Bristol and email Deborah@anewcolour.co.uk for more details. Also, we are happy to run courses in house so feel free to ask about a tailored option.

The price for each course is £49 for Zokit members or £65 for non-members. View http://www.zokit.co.uk for information on joining.