New friends

Before March I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to make new friends online. (Yes I know lots of people use dating sites, but I’m talking friends rather than romance).

To my surprise I have made many great connections, through LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, the obligatory zoom meetings.

Humans are social beings and it’s interesting that we have found ways to socialise when we can’t do it in person.

Feel free to get in touch, you could be my next new friend

Lockdown in winter

In the UK lockdown began in March, just as the days started to get longer and we had a lot more daylight. We were lucky enough to have a fairly good summer, even if the weather in August was tropical one day then winter the next.

Lockdown in winter may mean the chance to completely hibernate for some of us, but not me. Seriously considering buying one of those lamps that gives the effect of daylight. It doesn’t bear contemplating.

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Good advice

It’s interesting how a quick chat with another sales professional can remind you of what you already know.

We tend to take what we know and what we are good at for granted. Nothing like a bit of timely coaching! It bridged the gap.

email if you’re interested in some help with sales

Back to skool

Ruler Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

It’s interesting how we are hardwired from an early age to see 1 September as the start of a new year. (At least we are in the northern hemisphere).

Planning and plotting take place from now till early December when Christmas seems to cause Britain to shut down for at least six weeks.

What do you have planned? Does it thrill you? If it doesn’t, maybe time to make a change. I’m offering hour long coaching sessions for a bargain £60 during September to get you back on track.

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Online training

There were some interesting posts today on LinkedIn about how our most used vocabulary has changed in 2020. “Agile” was a favourite; businesses have made some tough choices over the last few months in order to survive.

I had only vaguely considered offering online training in the past, but I soon saw that it was going to be the way ahead. Probably for some time.

Courses start at £35pp and are CPD accredited. Better still, you can try before you buy, just click for a free module.

Lockdown thoughts

When we went into this back in March, I could not imagine that it would go on for so long. I had a trip to Florida booked for the end of July and I was reasonably confident it would still take place.

Things I have learnt:-

Thank heavens for TV and radio

Friends at the end of the phone

Nobody looks good on zoom

Moving more of my business online is going to be the future

People are more interested in the growth of my mini banana trees than business

Flying time


I commented to a friend that time during lockdown has passed incredibly quickly.    He commented (very wisely) that we are not doing anything interesting and have few memories to lay down.

The picture has nothing much to do with this other than the flying reference, but it’s very funny!

As a side note, I’m offering free trial modules on training courses, so try before you buy!


How to attract attention


I love LinkedIn and find it incredibly useful, both for keeping in touch with contacts and finding out information.    I’ve had a profile for over ten years and have a good range of contacts.

Lockdown boredom has lead me to doing a bit of gardening, particularly growing from seeds.   I bought some mini banana tree seeds from the internet and to my great joy they have sprouted.

I posted it on LinkedIn and got my greatest response and traction to date.   Are we all in need of a little light relief?     The picture is not representative of my seedling, by the way.  I am looking at what will be, not what currently is.

That’s a good representation of our current situation.   What we plant now will grow and come into fruition in the years to come.     Banana bread anyone?



Free trial of online training

During this time many of us have considered gaining new skills and/or enhancing existing skills. I recently launched online training and would like to invite you to sample the course of your choice for free. Take a look and please pass on to your contacts.

The training is concise, relevant and CPD accredited.

A new direction

The coronavirus has made many of us rethink our businesses. Most of my work, whether consultancy or training, is done face to face. Not possible for some time and as I live in Cardiff we only had the five mile rule lifted yesterday. Sooooo, I made the decision to offer online training and this is the result:-

CPD accredited, concise and thorough. I say concise because so much online training includes a lot of waffle. No waffle here (who’s got the time or inclination?}

I’ve been very active on LinkedIn to promote the courses and in the process came across some interesting stuff. Let me introduce to you Sarah Townsend the author of Survival Skills for Freelancers, available from Amazon