Leap year

Why does February have an extra day in leap year?    The last thing we want is more February surely?

I am planning to do something special with the extra day, though not yet decided what it will be.    Start to write that book?    Take a day trip to somewhere I’ve never been?    Organise an event?    Whole month to decide……………..decision

Playing to your strengths

Do you remember getting your school report?    Silly question, of course you do.  You knew the lessons you were good at and they were usually the ones you enjoyed.

Most of us got “could do better”, “needs to work harder” or the dreaded “lacks application” for the lessons that didn’t interest us at all and would never fully hold our attention.

I agree that we all need a good foundation in our native language and arithmetic, but I was never going to be great at physics and chemistry no matter how much effort I put in.

Play to your strengths I say, because if you are good at something it’s not a huge step to become brilliant.

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