How do I get new clients?


I’m often asked this question when running sales training sessions.

One of the exercises I suggest is to look at business over the past few years, see who are your best customers, and think of how you won the business.    When you work out how it happened, do more of it.

It sounds simplistic, but things often are.

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Why we like travelling


Continuing on an earlier theme of creating a special day every month (in the case of the writer Peter Jones, it’s Boxing Day), what’s more special than a holiday.

We look forward to it, planning what we are going  to see and do, thinking of days when we  can please ourselves.

Ages ago, I read that we like travelling and going on holidays because we like our holiday personas.    We like being the person that decides to swim every morning, visits new places or simply basks in the sunshine.

Most of us can’t afford to travel for pleasure very often, so how do we recreate that?

Answers on a postcard please!

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Using humour


I listened to a webinar last night given by Matthew Kimberley.

The subject was ‘How to write delightful emails’.    This could be useful, I thought.

The main point of the webinar was to write an email (or blog) that makes people want to read it.  In other words, it’s not boring.  It makes you stand out from the crowd.

At this point I should tell a joke or something, but it’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I can’t think of one.

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Round pegs, square holes

I remember the days of my school reports and there were certain subjects where my report said “satisfactory” or “could do better”. The truth was that I had no intention of pursuing a career or a hobby in anything remotely scientific. I had, and have, every intention of leaving these things to people that were interested and good at these subjects.

Why do reports and appraisals not concentrate on strengths? Areas that you can excel and show brilliance? pegs

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Best day of the year


I’ve just finished reading How to Do Everything and Be Happy. One of the concepts of the book was you think about your happiest day of the year and replicate it once a month. The author liked Boxing Day, while I like my birthday. I am planning on having a birthday once a month (without getting any older, obviously).

The idea is, find what you love and do more of it.

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How efficient is your sales process?

The next question is; do you view sales as a process?     Having spent many years in corporate sales I am only too aware that sales is a process.

People that don’t consider themselves as sales people tend to have a bash at sales every now and again.  Because they are not consistent, it tends not to work.

Consistency and persistency are the key to building relationships, making sales and acquiring valued clients.

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Why do you need sales training?

I firmly believe that sales is not just the responsibility of the sales team.

Whatever your job title (and even more so if you are self employed) sales is the life blood of a business.

What to do if you don’t feel comfortable about being “salesy”?

The courses I offer specialise in sales for the non-sales person.  I do my best to make you feel comfortable about sales, fitting it with your personality style so it becomes natural to you.

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