A great product with a great salesperson

A friend and I had a wander around Covent Garden last week and homed in on the Penhaligon’s shop.

The shop represents everything that British goods (would like to) stand for. Quality, history and that indefinable essence of Britishness. The sense that we are buying the best.

They also had a very good salesman………..something I find hard to resist! The result; one happy customer that went away with the perfume of her choice (Ellenenisia), plus a load of samples. The salesman could see I wanted to buy, was not pushy but at the same time his priority was to make a deal that worked for us both. He was keen to find something that I loved over and above his desire to make a sale.

To me that is what sales is about – finding the product or service that makes your customer happy. Within reason, cost doesn’t enter into the equation when you feel you are getting something of value.

You may wish to read http://zokit.co.uk/featured/3-success-strategies-used-by-luxury-brands/ that inspired this post

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