The mind and the body are connected

I read today that 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) in a body is produced in the bowel. (Apologies if you are eating while reading this). Surely this is proof that we are what we eat and our state of mind is governed by the way we treat our bodies. It’s the other way round too; some of us can’t eat when upset and others eat too much when unhappy. I know I overeat when I am tired, as if to give my body some instant energy.

Body language is a mood indicator too; we feel better and more in control when we sit up straight rather than with bowed heads.

It’s interesting stuff.

We all have our own model of the world

I view it as a sign of intelligence when I meet anyone that is clearly aware that each of us has their own map of the world / agenda / opinions. One of the reasons that I enjoy and am interested in sales is that it means moving yourself into another person’s mindset. I find it interesting and thought provoking to find out what makes people tick. To me, sales is about making people happy and satisfied that they have chosen well.

The person with the most flexibility has the most influence

Interesting title to this blog post; is it true? From the point of view in gaining rapport with others, flexibility is important. Rapport is meeting people in their own world, or at least their own view of the world. Difficult to do if you are not flexible and have a dogmatic outlook on how things should be. Your thoughts and opinions on this subject would be appreciated!