What makes a good sales person?

A good sales person wants the person(s) buying to be happy with their purchase.  This applies if you are selling goods or services for pennies or for millions of pounds.    The deal is collaborative, with the seller listening to the buyer, anticipating their needs and responding appropriately and with empathy.

A great example of a brilliant salesperson; last week my business associate and I were in Mallorca on a business trip.     (Yes, I’ll admit it, the business bit took half a day and we spent the rest of the time enjoying gorgeous food and wine and loving the scenery).   At one point, we wandered into a very posh deli and started looking at the array of fantastically flavoured vinegars.   The owner was immediately with us, offering samples of date vinegar, cranberry vinegar and an amazing lemon and lavender vinegar.   Delish!   We left with a bottle each, very happy with our shopping and impressed with the sales skill of the  lady that owned the place.    The fact that we were both minus 9 Euros was fine with both of us.

Good sales skill means making your customer pleased that they bought with you and that they will choose to buy with you in the future.

Why do we like going on holiday?

The answer is that we like ourselves on holiday.    We’re not stressed, we’re in new surroundings and we do what we want to do when we want to do it.      I’m ending with a question; how to translate that feeling into everyday life?    Answers on a postcard please (or just post it in comments!)