What does success mean to you?

Neil Lloyd and I attended an exhibition organised by Venture Wales earlier this week. We thought we would ask visitors to our stand a simple question, ‘What does success mean to you?’
We got some great answers, my favourite being “a hand made suit” Love it!
Other answers were about personal wellbeing “content, happy family, comfortable, a good night’s sleep”.
The work orientated thought about achieving results, financial freedom, working fewer hours and reputation.
The more visual drew some great(ish) pictures of a rainbow, a smiley face and a firework.
The purpose of the event for us was to market Kickstart 2013, a course that we’ll be running on January 19 in Cardiff City Stadium. It fits in nicely that the Kickstart course is going to overlook a football pitch – synchronicity at work!

4 thoughts on “What does success mean to you?

  1. It’s a great question to ask yourself and can really help to narrow down what career field you’re most passionate about. Before starting my own business, I based success on my bottom-line. Now I base it on more than just money, but also flexibility and freedom.

    • Great point Stephanie! Have you read john Williams’ book ‘Screw Work Let’s Play’? It’s all about finding your passion and finding out how to make a career of doing what you love.

  2. Amen to that!! After all this time on the work treadmill, that is precisely what we are doing, making a career doing what we both love!! I have to pinch myself sometimes that this is our reality!! Freedom and flexibility has enhanced our quality of life which is truly priceless!!

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