Interesting blog on eye accessing cues

I found this blog really interesting:-
When I train about eye accessing clues one of the things I emphasise is to look for behavioural clusters and that everyone is different.   I’m also interested in why the research wanted to ‘disprove’ NLP; NLP is a collection of ideas and theories on why people act and react in the way they do.  Proving or disproving one facet doesn’t seem to achieve anything in particular.  Or so I think, anyway.

And more……

2 thoughts on “Interesting blog on eye accessing cues

  1. Wow! It is interesting! NLP is a powerful tool that can identify obstacles and discover personal strategies for overcoming them easily, isn’t it? You need a coach and you have to work it out.

  2. Indeed – very interesting post. One of the central tenets of NLP is that if something is not working try something else. Eye accessing cues are just a tool – if it works for you use it – if not don’t -simple really.

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