Interesting blog on eye accessing cues

I found this blog really interesting:-
When I train about eye accessing clues one of the things I emphasise is to look for behavioural clusters and that everyone is different.   I’m also interested in why the research wanted to ‘disprove’ NLP; NLP is a collection of ideas and theories on why people act and react in the way they do.  Proving or disproving one facet doesn’t seem to achieve anything in particular.  Or so I think, anyway.

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Next NLP Coaching Course

A fantastic time was had by all at the coaching course last week – it was the first time Neil and I had trained together and the feedback we got has left us both floating on cloud 99!

The photo attached shows the group getting their certificates last friday afternoon.  Or ‘being certified’ as someone put it………..

The next course is 13 & 14 September and there is an early booking offer till the end of July, if you follow the link:-

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