Employed or self employed?

I’ve had a number of conversations with various people over the last few weeks about whether it is better to be employed or self employed.    Most of the self employed talked of their pride in creating a business and that they wouldn’t want to work for anyone again.

Being self employed has many disadvantages; lack of security being one that caused most concern.   I would ask the question; are there any truly secure jobs left in the UK?     There are a few professions, excluding doctors and social workers, that are considered to be guaranteed to have employment, but for most of the rest of us it does not apply.

I heard a saying recently that wealth is judged what you have left when you have no money.     In other words, what marketable skills and talents could you immediately put to work for you if you lost your job.

Isn’t employment these days just like self employment – but with only one client?

Deborah Burdett



One thought on “Employed or self employed?

  1. Great post,

    I too have been trying to indefinitely outline the pros and cons of employment and self-employment in order to understand what exactly is the best position for us all to be in right now. During my research of the contract and freelance market I have identified that there are some real plus sides to being your own boss at the moment, however all the disadvantages that you have outlined are still there such as lack of security. But with the rise of employers looking to contractors and freelancers there are new reasons to be self-employed.

    Hanife Mehmet

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