Rise and shine

Does the time you get up in the morning set you up for the day? I was up at 6.30 this morning and have written my ‘to do’ list for the day and mapped out what I would like to do, in between planned phone meetings.

There have been days during lockdown when I’ve woken up at this time and just turned over and gone back to sleep. I rarely achieve much on those days.

The weather has warmed up over the last few days and the world is coming back to life with lockdown hopefully coming to an end. I had two enquiries yesterday about sales training, get this, face to face!!!!!! Much as I appreciate what zoom & co have helped us to do this last year, I can’t wait to have actual interaction with people that are not on a screen.

There’s a new feeling of hope and optimism.

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Business networking and sales

I do quite a bit of business networking, currently online of course, but looking forward to getting back to the face to face stuff.

There is something that puzzles me though. Why is it that virtually no-one follows up on the networking? I always make the effort to connect on LinkedIn, or if it’s someone I know already I’ll send a quick message.

It’s the same in sales. The most successful sales people follow up and are persistent. It doesn’t have to be pushy, but if you don’t keep yourself in the picture you will be forgotten. The quality of your product or service is irrelevant if you are not remembered.

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The power of the internet

A point was raised on LinkedIn this morning that we are doing business with people that we have never physically met. (Thank you Neil Lloyd of http://www.zokit.co.uk ) Is this likely to continue into the future? Twenty years ago it wouldn’t have happened, or at least not so quickly or efficiently.

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The early bird….is exhausted for the rest of the day

I got up at 6 this morning and straight to my desk to finish off a proposal that needed to be submitted by 10a.m. I now feel like I’ve done a full day and want to relax in front of the telly.

It’s Friday and the time is right to do some surfing. The web variety, it’s too cold to catch a wave. Not that I can surf.

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Online becomes the new normal

I’m not keen on the expression new normal, but it does sum up how things have changed since this time last year.

At that point I had a fairly successful business offering consultancy and training in my speciality, which is sales.

How things change. Working on the assumption of adapt and thrive, or vanish, I set up a joint venture offering online training courses in a range of business subjects. Take a moment to watch the video and try out a course for free on http://www.anewcolour.co.uk/online-training/

In the bleak midwinter

It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s winter.

I know some people love cosying up in front of the fire, but I’m not one of them. It can be difficult to stay motivated at this time of year and we need something to keep us going.

It’s so easy to just settle in front of the tv with the chocs, so how about doing something to improve your prospects in 2021? (Lord know it can’t be worse than 2020).

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Mind your language

I’m very interested in language, both spoken and body language. I read a few weeks ago that the under 30s haven’t got a clue what ‘bonk’ means. Not too much of a tragedy that one.

The word of the year as defined by Collins Dictionary is, wait for it, drumroll……………………….lockdown. Well there’s a surprise.

The picture shows four different words that all mean a similar thing, but most of us will have a preference for one or another. Listening to the words that people use and using similar language is a way of rapidly creating rapport.

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New friends

Before March I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to make new friends online. (Yes I know lots of people use dating sites, but I’m talking friends rather than romance).

To my surprise I have made many great connections, through LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, the obligatory zoom meetings.

Humans are social beings and it’s interesting that we have found ways to socialise when we can’t do it in person.

Feel free to get in touch, you could be my next new friend deborah@anewcolour.co.uk

Lockdown in winter

In the UK lockdown began in March, just as the days started to get longer and we had a lot more daylight. We were lucky enough to have a fairly good summer, even if the weather in August was tropical one day then winter the next.

Lockdown in winter may mean the chance to completely hibernate for some of us, but not me. Seriously considering buying one of those lamps that gives the effect of daylight. It doesn’t bear contemplating.

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